☼ Welcome to Winkfield Montessori ☼ 
Celebrating 25 Years of Quality Early Years Education for Children Aged 2-5 Years from Winkfield, Ascot, Warfield, Sunningdale, Windsor & Maidenhead 
☼ Are you a new parent? Have you recently moved in to the area and are looking for a nursery school for your child? 
☼ Are you looking to find a nursery with a caring, friendly, comfortable and secure environment for your child? 
☼ Keen for your child to develop the necessary skills that allow them to build relationships now and in the future? Become independent? Have an “I can do it for myself” attitude? 
☼ Would you like your child to be given full 
extra support when needed? 
☼ Would like a staff to child ratio of 1:6 or less? 
☼ Have you considered a school that encourages 
children to explore and discover, learn to read, write 
and add, all whilst enjoying themselves? 
"At Winkfield Montessori, we strive to assist your child to do things for themselves, learning through their own active experiences. 
Children genuinely comprehend and grasp knowledge, stimulated by their own activities rather than by simply being given the solution.  
This one fact is at the core of how our children develop understanding and gain confidence in everything they do". 
- Miss Claire Wilkie, Head Directress 
Specific and traditional Montessori equipment is introduced to a child by the Montessori Directress and Deputy Directress (fully qualified Montessori teachers) on a one to one basis. 
Recognising children develop at different rates, introduction to different apparatus is tailored to each individual. Our Montessori Philosophy page has more information. 
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